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  1. Courage Alex
    Courage Alex at |

    He should seek out an lgbt foundation or run to the embassy and beg for assylum….and do it fast,so as to start his medications on time….

  2. Damjan
    Damjan at |

    He should go to the nearest embassy in Nigeria (to wherever), explain his situation, and apply for asylum. If his concerns are legitimate, he’ll recieve a fast-track treatment regarding his concerns to whichever embassy he applies. However, if he applies for an asylum in his own country without any documents, he cannot receive any financial aid.

  3. Sanity
    Sanity at |

    Hahaha…this is funny. I feel like laughing till tomorrow. Hahahahaha.

    1. Mike Daemon
      Mike Daemon at |

      Why exactly do you feel like laughing? If it is for what am thinking, then i think the world will be a terrible place with people like you in it.

    2. fearless
      fearless at |

      mstewww……sanity ko sanity ni, you are not sane at all,for you to be laughing over such a sad story please I advise you visit a mental home to get your sanity back….that’s if you were ever sane…Smh

  4. Chita
    Chita at |

    Pple re very wick try to force somone 2be whom he is not,God help us.


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