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  1. Barbra Muruga
    Barbra Muruga at |

    How about referring to the individual as “they” since they might not identify as male….

  2. Chita
    Chita at |

    How i live my life is not ur business

    1. Sanity
      Sanity at |

      How you live your life does. It tells a lot about you and also affect the society at large. So font saybhow you live your life foes not affect anyone it does.

  3. Mrs Awopeju
    Mrs Awopeju at |

    You see the nonsense am talking about.

  4. Meat pie
    Meat pie at |

    My question are
    1 who caught him
    2 were is the guy he dey suck
    Because the two of them needs to be humiliated as well.

  5. chidubem
    chidubem at |

    One man’s food is another one’s poison, think about another person’s feeling and right also

  6. dalinton
    dalinton at |

    I wish i can meet the guy. I am looking forward to meet such guys. Unfortunately he met those who could not appreciate him

  7. Brian
    Brian at |

    This is horrible . Just look at hoe they are humiliating him. What us more gay than they enjoying seeing his penis. This has to stop.


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