NoStrings Development Initiatives is a Nigeria-based non-profit working to promote and amplify the voices and visibility of LGBTIQ+ Nigerians through advocacy journalism and new media.

We also design and develop virtual safe spaces for LGBTIQ+ Nigerians to interact, learn, and share knowledge and ideas for self-development.

What we do

Our overall focus is to establish initiatives and digital platforms that will inform, educate, and influence positive attitudes toward LGBTIQ+ persons in Nigerian as well as the creation of virtual safe spaces for the Nigerian LGBTIQ+ community.

The NoStrings Podcast is aimed at starting positive conversations around LGBTIQ+ issues in Nigeria to create awareness and understanding as well as debunk the negative stereotypes about homosexuality in Nigeria.

An LGBTIQ+ media platform that uses journalistic approaches to gather, investigate and objectively report issues affecting the Nigerian LGBTIQ+ community so as to debunk the negative stereotypical reporting by the Nigerian mainstream media against the Nigerian LGBTIQ+ community.

Qtalk is Nigeria’s first and only LGBTIQ+ social and counseling mobile app through which LGBTIQ+ Nigerians access psychosocial and legal support, as well as learn and interact with each other.

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