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  1. Domingo A Torres
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    I totally agreed with Dr. Dreger and her conclusion, which frankly opposes the finding of Uganda’s President Museveni a couple years ago, that made a study of homosexual genes and found none. On that bases it was concluded that being gay was a learned behavior and it could be made to be unlearned.

    This was smoke screen if you will, in the use of terminology in that of the word ‘behavior and sexual orientation”. One can act out appearing straight, but this does not mean that they are. Their sexual orientation remains the same and unchanged. The doctor also emphasizes on the bases of genetics, that there are no straight sexual gene markers to indicate the out come of being sexually straight as oppose to being sexually gay.

    President Museveni lied to the Ugandan people, in order to be favored politically on the backs of incriminating and persecuting anyone found to be gay in Uganda. Thus other countries in the continent of Africa followed suite, being immensely wrong and in violation of the human right charter.

    The fact of the matter is that being gay is as natural as being straight. It has nothing to do with the sexual organs, but more to do with mental biochemistry. One can not explain why a gay man, would find the vaginal odors of a woman repulsive, as a straight man finds it sweet to his senses. A gay man has an overwhelming attraction to another man, just as a straight man or woman has that strong attraction to each other.

    We must put this controversy to rest all over the world, as it has gone long enough, adding to hatred, fear and the killing and assault and battering of innocent lives. Religion will always remain in the stance of natural procreation, but it also must recognized the natural balance that gay people bring to over populating the planet and depleting its natural resources to accommodate everyone that is born.

  2. Chita
    Chita at |

    Thanks’ Dr Dreger hw i wish my brothers nd sisters wil understand it this way.


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