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  1. Jamie 2.1
    Jamie 2.1 at |


  2. John Adewoye
    John Adewoye at |

    People with dead conscience will take others life with no sense of remorse.
    Officers with no ethic of profession will deny it with no quam of conscience will deny reality even when it confound them.

  3. chidubem
    chidubem at |

    This is inhuman and human right abuse, something should be done about this. Injustice is becoming a thing of the day in this country

  4. Martin
    Martin at |

    I will investigate this matter personally. feedback will be shared on this platform. thank you.

  5. Quinn
    Quinn at |

    Nigeria!!! I’m not a religious person but is there any chance this country is cursed or something? I’m not just referring to these abuses on us Gay people but like everything else.

  6. Chita
    Chita at |

    Bad news evyday why?.


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