Featured poem: My Mind, My Heart – By Joyous Helena

The poem below addresses the issues in regards to self acceptance, reality, thoughts and battles of living an authentic life in relation to one’s sexuality. 

Picture Credits: livescience.com

My mind my heart

For the first time in months

I feel the need to be loved

Touched, kissed

My heart wants this so much

But my mind says no

Suddenly I remember you

My first that made me question myself

I liked you so much, just never realized

I thought I was outta my mind

To like someone like me

It’s a sin! my mind said

It is wrong! It said.

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The way you looked at me

The way you touched me

It sent vibes down my skin

That your sweet melodious voice

When you sing…

It was so beautiful

’cause of you, I went into deep research

Trying to understand

What I’m feeling

Then sleepless nights came

Thinking of how wrong all of this was

Why fall for a good friend?

Just like me?

Wondering if you felt the same way?

Cause you didn’t look at me

Like the way you do with others

It freaked me to my bone.

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I never figured if you felt the same way

Till this day

As my mind and heart were at war

At war with itself

My mind My heart

When will you agree.

Written by Joyous Helena

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    Lisa Sands 6 years

    Lovely poem!

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    Joyous 6 years

    Thanks so much darl! 🙂 Don’t forget to share to folks

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