River Flow: Featured Poem

 River flow

River Flow,
Carry me home.
Away from the fears;
Of holding you close.
It’s a tough love out here.
River flow,
Flush me out
To walk prides and paint my brows.
Break the iron bars of my closet,
Break me out.
It’s a cold place out here.
River flow,
Flush the angry looks in their skulls.
Drag the hate out and drown it by the burning rainbow.
Drown their boiling bloods in love.
River flow,
Flood us all to an island
Away from homophobic steers.
Away from fears.
River rise
Fight the 14 iron bars of time.
Drown all laws and lies.
Snap me out of wishful thinking.
Let me die a happy man.
Fighting for the freedom of my kind.

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    Beautiful Poem!

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