Nigerian gay and trans people speak their truth in heated debate

In a recent passionate debate, a Nigerian gay man and a transgender woman courageously shared their perspectives.

By Mike Daemon

Issues pertaining to homosexuality remain highly contentious, particularly in Africa, where it is often considered a taboo subject due to widespread misconceptions.

Screenshot from the video. Source: YouTube.

In a recent video released by The Public Republic and shared on its YouTube channel, four young individuals engage in a fervent conversation about this topic. On one side of the debate are two men, while on the other side stand a young transgender Nigerian woman and a gay man, both vigorously defending their existence.

As is customary from the opposing viewpoint, the two men persistently propagate misconceptions and conflicting ideas about homosexuality. They continue to reiterate old arguments used to bully and victimize LGBTQ+ individuals.

They assert that homosexuality should remain criminalized and that gay people will lead humanity to extinction by not choosing opposite-sex partners for reproduction. They also claim that laws against LGBTQ+ people exist to safeguard society from ‘harmful practices’ like homosexuality, without providing any evidence of how LGBTQ+ individuals are causing harm to society based on their sexual orientation and gender identity.

The transgender woman firmly argues that it is entirely unfair and unjust to discriminate against individuals solely based on their sexual and gender identity.

She correctly points out, as numerous studies have shown, that being gay is a natural aspect of human diversity, and LGBTQ+ individuals are simply living their authentic lives.

In addition to the transgender woman’s comments, the gay man expresses his desire to be left alone to pursue happiness and live authentically.

“I am not trying to influence people. This is who I am. I want to live my best life. Just let me be. I am not trying to influence you, I need freedom”

Speaking further he said:

“I am not happy, truth to be told because I cannot express myself. There’s a lot of things I want to do, I can’t do it because of the law in Nigeria. But other countries, they are actually doing well because is legalized there and they are doing happy because I am not going to hurt anybody I just want to express myself, this is who I am, this is what I am so, I want to express myself” He said.

Evidently, the two men on the opposing side repeatedly contradict themselves and demonstrate a profound ignorance of the subject, as is often the case in debates and conversations involving individuals who lack understanding of LGBTQ+ issues.

However, overall, the debate was remarkably insightful and provided an opportunity for people to explore different perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of LGBTIQ+ issues and realities.

You can watch the debate by clicking here.

The latest update to the post occurred on October 9, 2023.

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