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  1. Carla De Bouchet
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    Scientists have proved that outside the context of the Bible homosexuality is found in nature and is thus natural. It is perfectly natural for certain animals to eat their offspring as part of their survival strategy but it is rather clumsy to compare that to the context of animal or human sexuality.

    Also it is impossible to live 100% according to the Bible which is in any case very much based on cultures, contexts and times which are archaic and no longer relevant for todays changing times. No homosexual or evangelical preacher or any person for that matter can say that they have lived or currently live 100% according to the Bible because the Bible is a guideline.

    I can also quote verses from the Bible saying that people shouldn’t wear garments of different kinds of thread or eat shellfish or eat venison or have sex while being on one’s period. That would be futile as in today’s modern context which is radically different to ancient times such rules are no longer relevant. You can preach as much as you want to people but they are going to live their lives the way they want to in any case and interpret the Bible the way they want to because the Bible is a guideline.

    Also coming with a list of judgemental verses from the Bible does more to drive Queer persons away from Christianity and the Church than to reconcile who they are with their religion.

    What kind of God should Christians be promoting to Queer persons? Is it a God who is loving and tolerant or a God who is judgemental, intolerant and bloodthirsty? The latter version is still being promoted by Christians today and this version is becoming increasingly unpopular. The exponential rise in atheism in recent years is testament to this.

    Much negative, unwarranted and unjustified things have been done in the name of Christianity to Queer persons which have just driven them away from the very support structures religion has to offer like counselling, sense of community, emotional and physical support. Either Christians radically rethink the way they treat Queers or their religion will continue to become irrelevant as people will seek out alternative and more viable belief systems.


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