Effeminate is not just or always homosexuality – Rev. Jide Macaulay

Openly gay British-Nigerian Rev. Jide Macaulay has debunked the perception of effeminacy to solely mean homosexuality.

By Seye Fakinlede

The Reverend who was recently ordained a priest in the United Kingdom, tweeted, “Effeminate is not just or always homosexuality, its humanity.”


The reverend who fled Nigeria to the U.K after his church was attacked several times for being pro-LGBT added that God had no problem with effeminate men but instead, is against toxic masculinity and patriarchy.

Effeminate Nigerians are often targeted and subjected to various forms of violence and discrimination due to their unique nature as most people believe that they are homosexuals. An interview carried out by Zikoko, in 2020, reveals the many harsh realities of effeminate Nigerian men who are often targeted for not being ‘man-enough’ a common slur used by toxic masculine and patriarchal Nigerians.

Besides, queer Nigerians are also victims of police brutality for being effeminate or masculine-presenting, a reason for the #Queerlivesmatter movement during the last year’s EndSars protest in Nigeria, against police brutality in all its forms. These daily experiences are not new to what any effeminate person faces in Nigerian society where homosexuality is effectively illegal.

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