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Man shares guide for LGBTIQ+ Nigerians who intend to travel for the holidays

A Nigerian man, Chijioke Okoli has shared some very helpful tips about how LGBTQ+ people can stay safe as they travel for the holidays.

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In places where homosexuality is illegal such as in Nigeria, the holidays can be pretty lonely for LGBT people as many will have to leave their friends behind in the cities to visit their families in the village.

During this period one might feel extremely lonely and decide to seek company. However, for LGBTQ+ people, hookups with strangers can be especially dangerous, and extreme caution is always advised especially in rural communities where people are ignorant about issues relating to homosexuality.

The 6 tips shared below will be an interesting read especially for persons who will be traveling to their hometown during the holidays.

Note: The information below has been slightly edited and rephrased for clarity.

1. Village Boys are not exactly naïve
The world has become global. Thanks to the use of the internet and smartphones. Never imagine that because someone stays in the village, that they are automatically inexperienced, safe! There are Kito everywhere (a Nigerian slang/code word for anti-gay blackmailers. It can also be used to refer to anti-gay blackmailers). If you are traveling to places such as Anambra, Imo, and other parts of the east, then, you may need to stay off the yellow app (Grindr), as criminals have taken over that space. For safety, always ask for referrals such as from, friends, friends of friends, or people you know and can trust.

2. Negotiations
Don’t ever forget to seek clarity about their expectations if you are hooking up with someone for the very first time, even when you meet them through a friend. Don’t assume anything. Ask specific questions especially about if they want money and how much. If it’s something you can do, go ahead. If you can’t, call it off. Most young men in the village see money offered after sex as a bribe for them to keep the experience a secret.

3. Lubricants/condoms
Except that you are certain that you can always buy a lubricant or a condom within your Village, please carry some along. Avoid using saliva, oils, and body creams as a substitute for lubricant. This can be very harmful when applied internally and can increase the risk of infection.

4. Invite someone or travel with your partner
inviting a sex buddy from outside of your town/village or traveling with your partner might be a safe option.

5. Use of Grindr
Using the yellow app might be risky, however, if you must, observe all the necessary safety measures. Make sure you meet at a public place first and interact, even this doest still guarantee that you’ll be completely safe. A lot of anti-gay blackmailers are very smart.

6. Use of Hotels.
It is also advisable to identity hotels/guesthouses that do not allow same-sex guests in a room and stay away from them. This practice is very common in the east. It’s risky using these facilities because, oftentimes, you may need to be evacuated at odd hours. The managers and staffs of this type of facility are clearly homophobes. Don’t risk it.

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