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  1. Janet
    Janet at |

    May God destroy you to your entire generation for trying to convince people into this dangerous act. The said anal sex which could destroy their anus, until medical intervention.

    1. John Adewoye
      John Adewoye at |

      Poor Janet wishes she’s a God no no.
      She would have killed all like hungry lion over sex. Or made humans into dummies with no feelings. amen.
      Sex is a gift from God to keep the world going.
      It is one important life wire of relationship.
      Human body is sexy. Different organs are sexual. How arousing are our ears! The tongue for tickling and kissing and mouth for licking and sucking!
      Janet, have you had your hands caressed before?
      What of feet fetishism?
      Janet must be boring in bed. I pity your partner.

    2. Jim Hyde
      Jim Hyde at |

      If anal sex is prohibited by your creator why did he create the prostate gland which is the pleasure giver for all men straight or gay, 3″ inside the anus ?

  2. Wonderful
    Wonderful at |

    Anal sex is more enjoyable between two responsible individuals be it straight or gay , sex is sex

  3. Dan Jones
    Dan Jones at |

    God LOVES anal sex


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