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  1. Seun Idris
    Seun Idris at |

    I do not think the Centurion had a homosexual tendency. He could just have done it out of humanity.
    Through my Bible, it is stated that the Centurion told Jesus that his ‘servant’ was ill.
    I believe the reason why Jesus admitted he had never seen the type of faith the Centurion had was because he told him not to bother coming under his roof to heal his servant, that Jesus’s words were enough. Basically, his faith would take him to Heaven and hold him distinctive.
    Could you read about what Eunuch is? You should find it in the Matthew 19:12. I’d appreciate a well understandable article on it.
    I must commend, this is sweet. But the Bible is way too dimensional. It means A to me, but B to you. You know? However, thanks.

  2. aL
    aL at |

    Wow, wonderfully written….on my way to verify the facts herin with original Aramaic and/or koine greek texts.

  3. Chita
    Chita at |

    I am very thankful that this article helped bring me back to reality that Jesus loves me for who i am.

  4. Feyi Shadiya
    Feyi Shadiya at |

    I believe that the Bible can be interpreted in many different ways depending on what speaks to an individual. The fact of the matter is that the Bible was not written in English, it was written in Greek, a very ancient language. If we are to hone in on this idea of language, language has changed significantly across eras. For example, a long time ago, English speakers used language such as “Come ye” which today can be interpreted as “All of you come here” or in a more relaxed version “Come on guys”. Will we interpret “Come on guys” as referring to only men? That is what we do when we use the literal meaning of “pais” or “entimos doulos”. Even if your English version of the Bible interprets these words literally to mean “servant” or “honored slave”, I think it is important to keep in mind that these interpretations were also made long ago, where the language them would be quite different from the language now.

    Also, the world seems to forget that although the Bible is ordained by God, it has been written by and interpreted by a man. God is not a man, and so He does not lie, but human beings are by no means above the possibility of lying, no matter how ordained they are. If they were above the sin of lying, why are they not seated at the Right Hand of God?

    I do not use the word “lying” to insinuate that men of God are liars. Some might be, but that’s none of my business. I am saying this because man has a selfish tendency to look at things from his point of view before even considering to look at it from another person’s point of view. With this point of view, comes man’s interpretation of what he sees or understands. Its like trying find out a true story from witnesses to the event; everyone’s story might be slightly different because it has all been tailored to each person’s individual perspective and memory of the situation.

    So, in essence, when I read the Bible and see its interpretations, I understand it from a perspective that makes sense for me. Lets think about it, if we were to only follow the Bible word for word and only follow the interpretation that our pastor in church (or another pastor we like better and then switch to his church) it will be against the will of God because he created us with free will and intellect to be able to make sense of the world. If he wanted us to see it all from the same perspective, why is there individuality in our thought processes? Ultimately, subscribing to only one version and interpretation of the bible is being narrow minded. It is a typical case of “follow-follow” and how far has that gotten most people in life? From what I understand from the Bible, the golden rule, above all rules is “Love your neighbor as yourself”. Notice how easy this one in particular is easy to interpret, and all major religions around the world subscribe to this belief too. If I am to follow this rule, my interpretation of God’s perspective on homosexuals is to love them, just like myself.


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