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  1. Chita
    Chita at |

    Blamed goodluck Jonathan for anti gay law anything can happen careful guys.

  2. Pankar
    Pankar at |

    Settle with the family please. They just want money. My prayers.

  3. Courage Alex
    Courage Alex at |

    Run away if u can….to another country if possible and seek assylum…

  4. Saintodosly
    Saintodosly at |

    Sir, Precious Is The Name Of The Blackmailer,we Know Precious As A Tb, He Is A Gay And Also Having Sex With Guys. But The Problem Is That The Mother Is Using Precious As A Means Of Trapping Gay People In The Area In Order To Get Money From Them Or Else She Threaten You With The Police And To Sue You. Even Precious Mother Knows Her Son Is A Tb, We All Know That Precious Is A Tb. Those Of Us From Warri And Sapele. It Is Not Today They Have Been Into This Game Of Threatening People With The Police Or Sue To Court After Precious Sleeping With You. They Have Don It To Many People In The Area. Precious Mother Is A Devil

  5. Precious
    Precious at |

    Why are you people saying all this about me. I swear With my life that he forced me. I have never done such things in my entire life. Please you guys should believe me

  6. Precious
    Precious at |

    , he claim that he was a lesson teacher. Not knowing he was a gay. I have never experienced such thing in my life before. After he did what he did to me. He treten me. That I should not tell anyone or else he will kill me. That the first person he did that to is dead already. For exposing him. That his name is Michael. Fb name. Was Mitchell Syril. That if I there to expos him. He will kill me. That’s the truth the only truth and nothing but the truth


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