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Four Men Jailed For Homosexuality In Yobe State Nigeria

Four men have received jail sentences from a magistrate court in Damaturu, the Yobe state capital following their conviction on charges of homosexuality.


A magistrate court has sentenced the four persons, Ali Sherif, 30; Yusuf Mukaila, 45; Sule Hassan, 32; Mustapha Usman, 23 to seven years in prison.

32-year old Sule Hassan admitted to having sex with a man simply identified as Tijjani because he was offered N500 and Ali Sheriff also confessed after several of his instant messages were presented in court.

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This is completely unacceptable, as it is unreasonable to condemn two adults who in their right and sound minds, choose to privately engage in an affair that they deem pleasurable.

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Homosexuality is criminalized under Nigerian law following the enactment of the Same-sex Marriage prohibition act in 2014.

The law also prescribes a jail term of up to 14 years for convicted persons as well as the imposition of fine.

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Source: http://www.informationng.com

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    Drew 6 years

    So sad that adults have to believe they have the right to control other peoples private moments that affect no one except those involved. What is next, will they go into the bedrooms of married couples to make sure they conform to what is believed to be “in their own minds” to participate in person sexual positions etc. ? Seems these countries and religious groups have no problem in violating the civil rights of others to make their own very personal decisions about sex and sexuality, which is instill in all humans and is second only to hunger ? Shame on them !

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    Vry Sad one

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    hmmmmmmmm. there is God

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