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    I used to have a lot of hope that one day, I’ll be part of those people that will make this country better but growing up and having realised and fully accepted my homosexuality and haven seen how hypocritical and harsh this country is to people like me, I am beginning to wonder if there’s hope at all, if this country is worth helping if perhaps by the grand scheme of things this country is doomed from the start, I would not like to spend my entire life hiding and fighting to be myself self, but sometimes I think of the future generations and how much we owe them not just as would be gay people but as a nation in general. I really need an opinion on whether it’s worth making a change in this corrupt and hypocritical country or maybe I should just move elsewhere where Gay people are accepted and be myself and help humanity in general. it’s so sad. What crime did we Gay people ever comit to be treated this way. everyday I have to hide and it’s toxic to me. Is there hope in this country? is it worth trying to change???


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