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  1. John Adewoye
    John Adewoye at |

    I want a copy of the book

  2. Resseta
    Resseta at |

    I’m speechless… ?

  3. Chita
    Chita at |

    It wil fail them wicked pple

  4. naas
    naas at |

    Dat Nigga is hungry and jobless as he needs money so badly that he brought out that strategy to extort money…too bad…nice format

  5. pankar
    pankar at |

    ‘Speechless’ is little. ‘Numb’- see all the plan and support to promote hate and its in our own backyard. There’s more to this than meets the eyes.

  6. Jerry
    Jerry at |

    Oh, isn’t Nigeia the country with Boko Haram, a group of men who capture, kidnap, rape and for little girls in marriage, that has huge electricity problems, has a huge unemployment problem forcing most of its people to live in poverty, corrupt and dishonest politicians and police and the most dishonest and corrupt citizens in the world, and on and on and on. And this sick, demented pseudo group advances its phony agenda of human rights so they can hurt and damage and torture and murder gay people who are not harming anyone and also lie constantly about gay people. They are an embarrassment to anything conceivably moral.

  7. Olly
    Olly at |

    Ha ha… it’s just a money-making scheme.

    V clever. They know a war against LGBT people is a war without end, and with no victory possible.

    “We need your donations to carry on this fight! “

  8. Hafiz Bawa
    Hafiz Bawa at |

    If we in Africa need anything or any group fighting for anything, it should be for promoting Peace, Education, Civil liberty, awareness and the uplifting of the poor. We totally don’t need anybody who promote hate, intolerance and superstition.
    Homosexuality is about Love, homophobia is hate, so this group is not welcomed in my neighbour hood.

  9. Chigozie junior
    Chigozie junior at |

    They are wicked people, fighting for homosexually but they are the heand, if they say na lie make them go sway with they blood basterd

  10. Quinn
    Quinn at |

    Well he’s giving more visibility to LGBT issues.

  11. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    it’s quite unfortunate this group has been set up in addition to the homophic people we already have in our country. But there is one thing I know we will strive and we we will overcome. Let’s keep the faith that things will one day change for our LGBTI brothers and sisters.


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