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Nigerian School, campaigns against homosexuality in its school magazine

school Magazine cover

The Magazine cover

A Nigerian secondary school in Jos called Airforce Military School, has published an article in its 2016 school magazine, condemning homosexuality.

The malicious and erroneous article was published in its school magazine called ‘Junior Airman’.

The article is seen to have been written by one Mohammed Ishaku Mohhamed, who appears to be an SS1 science student of the school.

The so called senior science student proved from his article that he knows absolutely nothing about science or biology, which unfortunately makes him incompetent to write on the subject of homosexuality as a sexual orientation.

Reading through the disgusting article, one would come to discover that the claims expressed in it have no scientific proof whatsoever, and that the young man obviously, did not even bother to conduct any form of research on the subject before embarking on his writing project. This however proves that the information provided in the article lacks merit, is inaccurate, malicious and should be very much expected to cause harm.

It is even shocking to know, that the school authority will allow the publication of a baseless and unnecessary article without bothering to scrutinize and moderate its contents.

Exposing especially young people to materials like these does not only leave them half baked and ill informed, but will contribute to their confusion, and does not in any way, accurately answer some of the many questions that they may have about their sexuality, as off course however we try to deny the very existing reality, young people are curious and do have questions that needs to be answered.

Imagine the number of students that will read this article and feel threatened, believing that God hates them because they are different, and that worms will eat up their anus if they have sex with someone of the same gender.

The article which is supposed to educate and inform, fails woefully as it only presents homosexuality as a disease, a sin, a problem, but ultimately failed to provide a preferred solution to what it labeled a ‘problem’.

How about issues bothering on safe sex, consent, health issues such as HIV and other STI’s, depression, and bullying at school?

Seriously, It’s time we deal with our bigotry and challenge the real issues at hand.

Read the published article below.


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  • comment-avatar
    Fred Harding-Dumseki 7 years

    This is pure humour
    Well, the child is right on some points like OUR SOCIETY but mostly naive and has no fact in the publication.
    Let’s not overwhip a child. Let’s make a strong case to the national assembly on why we have to be accepted and have the antigay law repealed

  • comment-avatar
    The Activist 7 years

    An expert writes “The good news is that semen ejaculated into the anus is harmless, and easily absorbed into the receiver’s body. After all, male ejaculate simply consists of water, semen, fructose (a form of sugar), and secretions from the glands, prostate and testicles. So if you’re in a mutually monogamous relationship in which you’ve both been tested and cleared of any STDs or other infections, it’s fine to perform anal sex without a condom and to ejaculate inside your partner during anal sex”. So tell that ignorant homophobic brat to write only things he has knowledge of so as not to mislead the innocent public.

  • comment-avatar
    Jason 7 years

    I think NoStrings is being unnecessarily upset here. I mean that the tone of this write up(or post) is a turn-off on it’s own.
    We are talking about an SS1 student who have probably never had sex for the first time. And his article is pretty amusing, I personally don’t find it offensive. So, please loosen up the tone of this post and let this pass. The worst that post can do to anyone is scare his fellow schoolmates away from sex at their age (which is welcome to me). Any secondary school graduate will know better than to believe that funny article

    • comment-avatar

      The problem with the article is that, it is encouraging students to be homophobic, and we do not need our future leaders towing in that direction. Sex education is necessary, and this can be done by providing correct and accurate information so young people can make an informed decision, students should be talking about sex freely with full knowledge of the subject, and oh, without fear too.

  • comment-avatar
    Domingo A Torres 7 years

    I was in the US Air Force for the full term of four years. Who I was sexually had nothing to do with my job performance. I was an outstanding Airmen and I was made a Staff Sargent before my term of duty expired, which is a very difficult thing to do for regular airman. I became C-141 Aircraft crew chief, who was trusted with this multi-million C-141 aircraft in taxing it to the test area to run it jet engines. The flight crews trusted me, the flight engineers trusted me and all flight personal in charge of me trusted me. I delivered 120% and I was chosen over other straight airmen as being dependable on guard duty for over 8 hours during night time hours, while other straights fell asleep at their post. Straight or gay does not make the man or woman or the soldier. Its their conviction and sense of responsibility in a time when that action is needed. Such foolishness is of a false ego machismo.

  • comment-avatar
    Khemena 7 years

    It’s just a write up to scare his fellow mates to stay off sex, which is normal. I was told worst things in my teen age. Remember even my parents told my sisters that when once a guy touches them, they will get pregnant. Abeg make una leave Mohammed. Na wetin him parents tell Ham na him he write.

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