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  1. Seun
    Seun at |

    I thought, we still drown in lack of education and bloom in things as unintelligible as this. As a nation, we are aback! Letting a media person post a thing as such is just like expecting a blind man to type too. Nigerian media personalities and Nigerians in general are clueless as to what nature is, and they would never let nature reign if there education on religion is creepingly high.

  2. pankar
    pankar at |

    Who the dunce is this person Sophilio?. Not because I’m gay but because writers should deal with facts. These are factless, well, except its fiction.

  3. Quinn
    Quinn at |

    Who ever wrote that crap is a hopeless ignorant Buffon. but thanks to the person for mentioning LGBT people

  4. Lisa Sands
    Lisa Sands at |

    I’m a Psychologist. I once worked in an establishment where my colleague thought that shock therapy was the cure. I was disappointed with the Nigerian educational system


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