9 Things about Homosexuality You Probably Didn’t Know.

  1. It’s a sexual orientation and not a lifestyle.

    It’s neither fashion nor culture. Being gay isn’t in how you dress or eat, the type of house you live in OR the colours you adore. Being gay is just who you are – your being in all of its own uniqueness and faults. In a nutshell, homosexuality is nature just as heterosexuality.

  2. Homosexuality has no switch or time frame.

    I’ve heard people say, “I’m only gay for the time being. Once I get older and ready to settle down, I’ll definitely get married to a lady and be done with this life.”No! It’s not a race with a destination in sight. It is not a phase! This is no PS2 or chess game. You can’t turn off your gay (just as you can’t pray it away. Ask Bobby of the movie, Prayers for Bobby, he’d have more to say on this). Sure, you can decide to succumb to societal pressure, to familial expectations, you can decide to bend to the whims of heteronormativity and get married to a woman (if you’re a gay man) and vice-versa, but bare one thing in mind: exchanging those vows on that altar doesn’t mean you won’t be silently crushing on that well-dressed man seated at one of the front pews. You’re gay mister, and even a Catholic Priest can’t change that!

  3. Homosexuality isn’t the cause of the economic problems we have in this country.

    It’s definitely not responsible for the deaths in the middle belt region of Nigeria and has nothing to do with the present bad government. It’s only an orientation and not an epidemic. It’s got no powers to affect the growth and development of the nation. Go tackle the issues facing the country and leave gay men and women alone. Their sexual orientation has nothing to do with your ardent corrupt practices. In essence, what’s the need for the law?

  4. Mummy and Daddy, watching movies with homosexual content cannot, will not, and has never turned anyone gay.

    We very well know heterosexual content dominates the film industry. It’s mostly Ryan Reynolds and Shailyne Woolley banging on the creaking bed or Ramsey Noah and Genevieve getting our insides squishy with their believable love tales. We also know this is what a lot of us grew up watching. Now, if truly, movies have such magical powers, where are the gay ones sprouting out from? Saturn? Please, let’s not allow sentiments turn us into brain-dead vultures. It’s not cute.

  5. Homosexuality is totally independent of physical disposition, gender and what have you.

    Yes, you can be male and feminine and still not gay. Not all the Chris Colfers in the world are gay. You can be female and masculine and still not lesbian. Not all the Ellen DeGeneres’ are lesbians. Let’s stop being quick to throw someone into a sexuality box all because of the way he/she is. When you do that, you have summed up a whole being on account of his/her perceived sexual orientation. Any other thing they represent doesn’t count. It’s stereotypical. It’s preposterous and in such modern era, unacceptable.

  6. Homosexuality, just like heterosexuality, is only a part of a person. It doesn’t sum a whole being up.

    Your sexuality should not be confused with your personality. So yes, you can be gay and Christian, you can be gay and a paedophile, you can be gay and a thief, a corrupt politician, a rapist and so on. Do not cast the person away on the grounds that he is gay but because he is a murderer! You know why? Because we have all these people as heterosexuals too. They aren’t special. They aren’t in any way better. The same way a straight man can lie, a gay man can also. What makes the lie of a gay man any worse? What am I trying to say? GAY PEOPLE ARE ALSO HUMAN BEINGS. There’s nothing extraordinary (insert weird, abnormal). There’s no more to it than the fact that they are sexually attracted to people of the same sex.

  7. There’s nothing like a gay job. Please, a girl can decide to be a conductor just like a guy can decide to be a cook or a hairdresser. These are services rendered and have nothing to do with genitals not to talk of who you are attracted to.
  8. The whole world cannot, I repeat, CANNOT be homosexual.

    Just like the whole world can’t be black, Igbo, stupid or short. There would always be variations, its part of our existence. So when Homophobes throw shit like, “If everyone is gay, what becomes of the world?” do not be surprised when I burst their bubble with my word pins and consequently show them the level of daftness they’ve managed to attain.

  9. The last and probably not the least on this episode of Things You Probably Didn’t Know; Homosexuality is going nowhere. There would always be gay ones amongst a lot. Those ones who have found refuge in the Rainbow community.

Take it or leave it, pray against it or fight it with violence, homosexuality is here and it’s going nowhere.

Written by: Danyels Izuchukwu

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    It is the disgusting conservative right-wing christian cult leaders like James Dobson, Franklin Graham, Mike Huckabee and other religious cults around the world who lie about Gay people to make money and build support for their scum bag lies!!!

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    Lee 6 years

    this article should be used in countries that are ignorant to this information, but then, would they want to believe it instead of their religious books written over 2000 years ago ? Hmmm, but they have the technology of today and wouldn’t be without it, but when it comes to sexuality, so many still want to believe thousands of years ago writings? I wish there is some way this can become pubic knowledge and available for all but know there are governments and religious groups who don’t want the true facts as prefer to keep people ignorant so they can control them

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    3. Yes. Homosexuality isn’t the cause of economic problems, but the ways LGBTI people are treated has a real effect on the economy! Societies that embrace difference thrive economically in ways that those that don’t don’t. Here are two of the ways this is easiest to grasp: frightened people cannot contribute economically to their fullest; and there’s a huge economic downside – because disease spreads faster – when we make healthcare inaccessible to men who have sex with men. Hatred has a huge economic cost, to the detriment of all of society.

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      ​This makes sense. The state invests heavily in the education, housing, feeding and clothing of young people, as do the parents. The net cost of raising a child to age 17 is anywhere between $US170,000 and $390,000 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cost_of_raising_a_child). No financial return by way of labour and taxes can be forthcoming until the child has reached 18, or older if a university education is embarked upon, and the young adult has thereafter commenced gainful employment.

      Discrimination against minorities costs the state significantly, in a number of ways:
      1. Zero labour and tax return to the state when the LGBT or other minority member suicides early in life, or is killed in a hate crime, without having had the cost of their upbringing recouped
      2. Reduced tax revenues if the minority member is permanently disabled by injuries from a hate crime, or leaves school prematurely to flee bullying by peers, and thus works below par, earning less and thus paying less tax into the exchequer
      3. Health and welfare costs including those of the NHS for those with concomitant mental health issues such as compensatory substance abuse, or unemployment benefit paid to those who have been disabled, or have been forced to leave school prematurely without any qualifications

      It’s relatively straightforward to measure this on the basis of known statistics, for example we can make a small case study out of LGBT youth made homeless by their parents. Out of America’s 2.6 million homeless youth, over 40% are LGBT, of which over 60% attempt suicide within the first year of homelessness. So we can apply a known average to the number of LGBT youth known to be homeless x their investment cost = 2,600,000 x 40% x $220,000 = $228.8 billion lost to unrecouped child rearing expenses.

      Now to tax revenues lost: average annual salary in the US is $50,000, of which a mean of 20% is tax = $10,000 per annum. Multiply that by 1,040,000 homeless (40% of 2,600,000), unemployed from LGBT youth alone, and there’s another $10.4 billion per annum not being earned in tax, totalling $416 billion in tax revenue lost from LGBT youth alone over what could have been a 40 year working life. Now, we need to add in the cost of healthcare and welfare from all these LGBT people who don’t earn for one reason or another either through suicide or injury and I think one could conservatively estimate the cost of anti-LGBT discrimination to exceed $700 billion approaching or even exceeding $1 trillion allowing for future inflation.

      Bear in mind I haven’t added in revenues lost from Sales Tax that would have been raised from LGBT spending, or the actual spending that LGBT will do with the other $40,000 per annum of what would have been their salaries over 40 years = $1.6 trillion, and that’s assuming no-one gets a pay rise in 40 years.

      These figures are just a small case study based on existing statistics of homeless LGBT youth in the USA. It is therefore manifestly not in any state’s fiscal best interests to allow members of minorities like LGBT to have their lives ruined or cut short. The same applies to children of gay parents who suffer bullying just as bad as gay kids do.

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    These are all very important points. Also worth noting is that fact that the most prosperous countries on Earth are also the ones with the most stable and egalitarian governance and the most liberal laws for LGBT minorities, including same-sex marriage and full rights to housing and employment.

    If religious folk want to say God sends punishments, then explain why the most homophobic countries are the ones getting all the plagues, natural disasters and violent wars, along with corrupt and unstable governance? If God is punishing people, then it obviously has nothing to do with homosexuality, since the anti-gay people drown in floods along with the gay people, and wouldn’t an all-powerful god just rid the Earth of gays? Why drown the anti-gay people too?

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