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“My Thoughts About Homosexuality” – Straight Nigerian Reveals

Straight man homosexuality
Homosexuality remains a serious issue in Nigeria, many Nigerians believe that homosexuality is a sin, or a choice lifestyle, so therefore, the act they say should not be encouraged or condoned, but this straight Nigerian man, shocked me with his thoughts about the issue.

Take a look below at how and what he feels about homosexuality.

Homosexuality does not equal pedophilia and bestiality on the grounds of fairness and justice, as many argue this.

An ADULT homosexual who engages in a same-sex relationship or who is attracted to someone of the same sex does no harm to anyone, not even to self.
(Please note the bolder and capitalized above)

Pedophilia is simply taking advantage of an underage.

Bestiality like Pedophilia is also a form of injustice as you can’t get consent of an animal. Even though some argue that there are ways with these sorts of things and that animals can give their consent, it is still very much in doubts.

It is hard, considering the principles of fairness and justice, to fault grown same gender loving people who derives pleasure in the company of their own kind willfully.

It is disgusting to me. Yes it is. I really wouldn’t like my child or children to grow up exposed to homosexuality or homosexuals. Nevertheless, I cannot, even after contemplating on the act for years now, find any just reason to oppose two grown adults who engages in anything pleasurable, and willfully! Without infringing on the rights of others, or hurting others, or putting the lives of others at risk!

Although the act may be appalling, I’m sure we are yet to accept this truth because most of us grew up as heterosexuals in a society dominated by heterosexuals.

On these basis, freedom, equality, liberty, justice, fairness, rights, obligation, responsibility, duty etc. No one can fault a Homosexual!

Written by 0rex

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