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  1. promise
    promise at |

    this Blogger saying she is making a hate speech is stupid…..Gays are not what God wants from Us even if you are always pray that God will deliver you than rotting in it…..she is right …more love to you miss/mrs preacher

    1. Andrew
      Andrew at |

      By calling the blogger stupid, I think you are the one who is STUPID. From your comments it is clear how ignoramus you are. Who or what made you believe gays are not what God wants from us. Were you with God, to know what and what not he wants from us. I think you should reeducate yourself on human sexuality and stop saying FOOLISH things here.

  2. James Djupatho
    James Djupatho at |

    I think homosexuality is condemned by the holy scriptures as the Bible. Even lesbianism and the gay’s marriage must not be defended by each person preaching the word of God. The Sodom’s and Gomorrah’s century is actually lived.


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