US Pastor promotes homophobia, tells Nigerian pastors “Jesus did not create gays”

Pastor Monica Pinnock, Founder of Rehoboth Christian Church, Atlanta USA, has advised Nigerian Church leaders to rebuke homosexuals describing them as “devices of the enemy”

Pastor Monica Pinnock, Founder of Rehoboth Christian Church.

Pastor Pinnock made the homophobic statements when she visited Nigeria on a two-days missionary Leadership Summit hosted by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Mosan Okunola, Local Council Development Area (LCDA).

At the event, she charged church leaders to show love to LGBT people, but at the same time to rebuke them as they are “devices of the enemy”

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 “I am a Christian, I thank God they are alive, we are not asked to condemn but to preach the true gospel of Christ. Jesus did not create people as gays, lesbians, homosexuals or transgender. These are devices of the enemy. As a Christian who believes in the word of God, I do not believe in homosexuality. Until people come to Christ and even after they come to Christ, we will still show mercy and compassion,” she said.

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This is bigotry at its peak. Homosexuality is not a behavior; it is a sexual orientation which is as valid as heterosexuality. Dozens of research studies have proven this fact. The Bible as a Christian guidebook has been misinterpreted by many religious leaders who have always used it to promote their own selfish agenda while others have continued to dwell in the long standing ignorance that homosexuality is evil and Unafrican. Even though argued, there are records of same-sex loving relationships in the bible, and those who have read the bible with an open mind has discovered the truth that there is absolutely nothing wrong or sinful with being gay.

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Clearly, what pastor Pinnock is preaching and promoting is a message of hate, and it is quite shameful and disappointing that an individual with her level of exposure and understanding will bow to the shallow interpretation and manipulative teachings against homosexuality.

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  • comment-avatar
    promise 5 years

    this Blogger saying she is making a hate speech is stupid…..Gays are not what God wants from Us even if you are always pray that God will deliver you than rotting in it…..she is right …more love to you miss/mrs preacher

    • comment-avatar
      Andrew 5 years

      By calling the blogger stupid, I think you are the one who is STUPID. From your comments it is clear how ignoramus you are. Who or what made you believe gays are not what God wants from us. Were you with God, to know what and what not he wants from us. I think you should reeducate yourself on human sexuality and stop saying FOOLISH things here.

  • comment-avatar
    James Djupatho 5 years

    I think homosexuality is condemned by the holy scriptures as the Bible. Even lesbianism and the gay’s marriage must not be defended by each person preaching the word of God. The Sodom’s and Gomorrah’s century is actually lived.

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