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Staying safe as gay in Nigeria is hard, but here’s how to do it

The Initiative for Equality Rights [TIERs] a Lagos-based Nigerian organization working to ensure LGBTIQ equality, protection and acceptance in Nigeria, has released e-guides about staying safe and what to do if you’re arrested.

From the African Human Rights Media Network

Cover of the e-guides.

By Mike Daemon

Even though the guide materials are not specifically tailored for LGBTIQ persons only, they can be very useful for LGBTIQ persons who, due to harsh laws against homosexuality, are frequent victims of human rights violations and homophobic attacks.

In Nigeria, due to ignorance and homophobia enforced by religion, many people refuse to accept that being gay is entirely natural and that a person’s sexual orientation doesn’t make them any less human and that each person deserves to be respected and to have their rights recognized.

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Even though recent surveys have shown an increased positive behavior toward LGBTIQ persons nationally, LGBTIQ persons are still falling prey to entrapment by criminals who rob and blackmail them almost on a daily basis and most times, law enforcement officers take part in these crimes.

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But thankfully now, the informative guides provided online by TIERs will help anyone including LGBTIQ persons to be security conscious as well to better understand when their rights have been violated and what to do in such instances.

Download the e-guides below.

  1. A Guide to Staying Safe Online and Offline (548 downloads)
  2. A Guide to Navigate Arrests (385 downloads)

To learn more about The Initiatives for Equal Rights [TIERs] click HERE.

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