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  1. Wizzy
    Wizzy at |

    You are really right.. but it so sad hiding from your real self. But what can you do…it is what it is already. As the saying goes “when you go to Rome act as Rome’s .

  2. Marixbell
    Marixbell at |

    t must be my extreme good luck to have got a chance to read this
    Well written

  3. Samuel
    Samuel at |

    It’s so hard to live a camouflage life, we should always pray for God’s protection and BTMs should reduce how they visit to avoid kito and other things… God be with us.

  4. Cherry
    Cherry at |

    Bottoms also should also control their sex drives, in order not to fall prey to set ups, I have a policy which is, ‘wanking is far better than being set up…

  5. Eduardo Larin
    Eduardo Larin at |

    Very interesting


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