Plan to attend: Nigerian conference on rights, sexuality, law

The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERs) is all set to host the fourth edition of its annual symposium on Human Rights, Sexuality and the Law.

The symposium creates a platform for public discussion and engagement around sexuality and human rights. As in the past, the Dec. 13 event will bring together human rights activists, social commentators, gender non-conforming persons, and others to learn and share thoughts.

The theme for this year’s symposium as well as its keynote address is “The Right to Freedom of Assembly and Association: An Inalienable Human Right.”

The event will also include two panel discussions and an interactive session with the audience.

The panels are “The Right to Sexual Health and Rights” and “The Erasure and Underrepresentation of Women in the Queer Narrative.”

The event will also launch TIERs’ 2018 Human Rights Violations Report in Nigeria.

To attend, click HERE. Registration is free.

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