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  1. Kabbiz Editor
    Kabbiz Editor at |

    This is horribly bad and horrendously heart wrenching. I feel for Andy more because he’s already at a marginal disadvantage because of his effeminate nature. This breaks my heart.

  2. Dave_Jay
    Dave_Jay at |

    I feel very very upset and sad whenever I read about such heart breaking experiences. I wonder why people who claim to be in their right senses take pleasure in hurting others just because of their sexuality.
    It even pains me more when these so called ignoramuses go to the extent of setting us up, with the senseless motive to purge the queerness out of us.
    They call us an abomination, making it obvious that we are going to hell, and I’m like do y’all think that there’s a place in hell with a great inferno for just Queer people and a separate place with a much lesser inferno for the guttersnipes, the KITOS, the petty thieves, the Liars etc, well News flash, we are all going to burn in the same hell, so the earlier they understand this the better for them.
    Another thing I ponder about is why there’s so much hatred for us, we didn’t steal from you,neither did we kill any member of your family, we are just there “jejely” living out our sexuality and yet you choose to hurt us, why??
    I just hope things gets better in this country, so we can live out our lives, our SEXUALITY!! without fear of being estranged.


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