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‘Stay away from homosexuality’ local Nigerian musician advises colleagues

Popular local Nigerian musician, Salawa Abeni has advised colleagues to embrace a mature lifestyle’by staying away from homosexuality comparing it to drug addiction.

Salawa Abeni. Photo Credits: Google.

While speaking to News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) last week Wednesday, the 56-year old Yoruba musician, advised fellow musicians, especially the young ones, to stay away from homosexuality, stating that homosexuality is a ‘disrespect’ to family values. 

“These artists must also live mature lifestyles that represent respect for marriage, family life and they should eschew immorality, drug addiction, and homosexuality. She said.

This is a clear indication that more work needs to be done to educate people on gender and human sexuality, providing them with the right information especially as it concerns homosexuality and all other related sexualities, thus the need for comprehensive sexuality education.

Sadly and disappointingly, this is the result, a display of ignorance. People need to know that homosexuality is a valid sexual orientation and there is absolutely nothing immoral or shameful about being gay and also that people do not choose to be gay, neither can anyone change their sexual orientation – this, of course, is a well-established fact backed by various research studies.

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    This idiotic pronouncement is based on the unsubstantiated lie that if you leave people to give in to their most fundamental desires, they will only choose to mate with the same sex, and that only by sheer self discipline would a male be able to tolerate sexual congress with a woman and vice versa. Ignorance or not, this doesn’t make sense at the most fundamental level, since Nature has programmed mammals to feel natural sexual attraction predominantly for the opposite sex.

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