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    JOHN BLAZE at |

    Am a gay Nigerian man currently married to a woman and have a kid, I have a good wife but am not sexually attracted to her, I still find myself attracted to the same sex. But am just managing, I don’t know how long the marriage will last, may God help me.

    1. Evans Kingsley
      Evans Kingsley at |

      I feel u. God is our help dear

  2. John Peter
    John Peter at |

    The mistake is often made by many in today world. Better to remain single in life and be happy for who you are, than to be someone else, because of what other think.
    Don’t ever feel bad for making a decision about your own life that upsets other people,you are not responsible for their happiness. You are only responsible for your own happiness, and anyone who wants you to live in misery for their happiness sake, should not be in your life in the first place. Peace.

    1. NoStringsNG
      NoStringsNG at |

      There is no happiness in being alone. This is exactly why we need to speak up and out! So we can at last be with the people that we want to be with.

    2. Oluakin
      Oluakin at |

      this is just the perfect and most timely message for me.
      God will contiually bless you.

  3. Derek Williams
    Derek Williams at |

    Heterosexuals don’t have to marry a person they feel nothing for, so why is this demanded of LGBT people? And why should a heterosexual woman be forced to marry a gay man who has no sexual desire for her body or romantic interest in her personality, when she could have for herself a heterosexual man who is head over heels in love with her?

  4. kritzmoritz
    kritzmoritz at |

    Regrets all round

  5. Evans Kingsley
    Evans Kingsley at |

    It’s not easy at all.. African mentality has led many into long-term regression. A times I begin to feel if I can take time back and refuse to marry than living in a pretentious marriage. Still hoping for a better tomorrow with the help of God as I continue to manage…

  6. Kelvin
    Kelvin at |

    my dear is really not easy at all.that is why many Nigerians are relocating to abroad to leave their lives comfortably .am praying to God everyday not to make such mistake. God will help us. justice must reveal one day


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