Love Don’t Care – How It Applies To Homosexuality

Love dont care

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An interesting song titled love don’t care by Simi a Nigerian singer, reminds me of how the larger Nigerian society is completely biased and ignorant toward the issue of homosexuality.

Love truly does not care whether or not one is gay or whatever. Love is that feeling that connects us to that someone that we have seen as special. We are never forced to have this feeling, it is all natural. It drives us crazy even when we struggle to contain our overwhelming feelings toward the other. It is ever glowing and remains beautiful and unexplainable even as many have tried to explain it. Simply put, love is beyond words and knows no bounds.

Many a times, it comes in different forms shocking even our very selves and has not stopped to surprise us every time. Many look for different ways to battle the feeling when it comes, especially when they feel that it isn’t right sometimes due to either what others are saying, or what they have nurtured over a period of time about the definition of love, its nature and how it is supposed to be channeled.

Yes! Love is not all perfect as it comes with its own challenges and troubles, but part of all these, is what makes it what it is – “beautiful”. 

We can never do without it, it is vital to our lives as we need it to stay sane and lead healthy lives, as indeed no one deserves to be separated from it.

Societies has over the years struggled with accepting that two people of the same gender can actually fall in love, and they have refused to see the beauty in it, off course this is quite understandable as we are allowed to reason differently and we are never wired to reason the same way. But we should always be reminded that love cannot be controlled and no one needs anybody’s approval to love another, as this is even out of anybody’s control.

When people, especially adults have decided to be together because of what they FEEL for each other and with the full knowledge of what’s involved, it can only make sense that they be allowed the right to be happy, without trying to influence or control their very expressions. Everyone deserves a chance at happiness. Every individual deserves to be respected and the opportunity to be treated equally, especially when they have done nothing wrong to anyone.

There are decent gay people everywhere, at our schools, homes, work places, and even in our different churches. Some are our pastors, brothers, mothers, fathers, uncles, cousins and what have you, leading peaceful lives. But we only come to have a problem with them when we get to know that they are homosexuals, and for no reason, we become threatened by just their very existence. We are just afraid for nothing.

Of course there are bad homosexuals, but also there are bad heterosexuals too as well, we must just be generally careful who we welcome into our circles, without focusing all our attention on a particular area and lose sight of a possible looming danger at the end where we are not looking.  Let’s see people for who they are, and not for their sexual orientation.

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I understand that people want to feel safe and all, but what threat does it pose to allow people especially consenting adults the chance to be happy with the people that they have decided to be with? Can love be controlled? Should anyone even be in the position to dictate love and who other people should be in love with? Is it really your business who people fall in love with?

It’s sad that people condemn without providing solutions or do not even have the solutions themselves. Homosexuals are not sick, if they are sick, then provide a cure. The truth remains that, there is no cure, as there is no sickness, there is only love and diversity. So let’s learn to tolerate and apply a deeper level of wisdom by opening up our minds to seeking the very truth about the different things that we have made our concerns, or that is of concern to us.

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    OMG I thought the same when I heard it, I do hope she supports us

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