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  1. nelson
    nelson at |

    Is really hard for me to say this my dear cos I know what is it to get married to who you don’t love. just listen to your boyfriend and try harder. remember we love u.

  2. Sleem mubarak
    Sleem mubarak at |

    Some people that have knowledge of how the brain works say that if you put your mind into doing something your brain will gradually adapt. Just try and put your mind to have sex with just that woman in your life for the greater good. It’s the only option for you to have some peace in your life since you live in this part of the world. I know exactly how you feel…

  3. Sheldon Small
    Sheldon Small at |

    Leave everyone behind. As radical as this may sound it’s your only chance at happiness. They won’t stop, they won’t change. You and your lover start a new life. If they can’t accept who you are. If they can’t accept the fact that you are living in truth, then they can only be a hindrance to you.

  4. nelson
    nelson at |

    you are right

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