“No Gay marriage, only a man acting like a woman” – Sokoto police says

Police logo deny gay marriagePolice in Sokoto on Monday; said that they stormed the alleged gay marriage venue because they were informed that a man was there, acting like a woman.

DSP Almustapha Sani, who spoke on behalf of the Sokoto State Police Command to daily trust, said that police investigations revealed that there was no gay marriage. He said;

“There was actually marriage between a male and female, but because of the presence of ‘Yan Daudu,’ who were mimicking female mannerism, people in the area thought it was gay marriage and alerted the police”

However, the police without proper initial investigations into the matter, hurriedly went ahead to wrongfully arrest two men in relation to the allegation. This was also confirmed by the DSP.

Alhaji Shehu Adamu, the house owner who was rumored to have been arrested in relation to the matter, confirmed that a ceremony actually took place at the said venue, but that those who hired the venue were females with whom he is well acquainted and that they told him it was a wedding ceremony.

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