Kenny Brandmuse encourages gay people to pursue love

Kenny encourages gay people

Kehinde Bademosi AKA Kenny Brandmuse

Out and proud Nigerian gay man Kenny Brandmuse with real names Kehinde Bademosi, has encouraged gay people from all over to pursue love.

Kenny in his Facebook post which was tagged “Gay people in love?” reads;

“If you found that special one, you’d better hold on tight. Good people are scarce out there. Not their fault. Most of us gay folks grew up in a world filled with hate, shaming, and rejection. Honestly, that can take a lifetime to deal with and heal. ( I’m still dealing with mine.) Hitching a ride with someone therefore in this our frayed journey is like using your bare hands to turn pancakes in a frying pan. Sweetheart, when the world refuses to give you a spatula to cook, you approach your pancake with all the care in this world.#MusingOnSameSexLove

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