Police Arrests Six Suspected Homosexuals In Edo State Nigeria

police arrest six In Edo State Nigeria

The Anti-Vice Section of Zone 5, Nigeria Police, in Benin, have arrested six suspected homosexual in Benin, Edo state.

The Assistant Inspector-General of Police in charge of the Zone, AIG Musa Daura, who announced the arrest, said the suspected homosexuals were arrested while acting on credible information.

He gave the names of the suspects as Festus Osagiede (24); Hyacinth Vincent Omahanrebho (20); Itama Omon (25); Onwuka Prince (48); Monye Samuel Chukwu (23); and Osadebe Kelvin (26).

According to him, he said five of the suspects were apprehended along house 12 Ikpoba Slope, while Osadebe Kelvin was later picked up somewhere behind Benson Idahosa University on the 11th of May at about 06.00 hours while trying to escape out of Benin City.

The AIG claimed that the suspects have confessed to be homosexuals and have had sex with each other on several occasions.

He further explained that preliminary investigation conducted into the matter, revealed that the suspects have actively identified as homosexuals since 2006.

The AIG confirmed that they were arrested by the zonal detectives on the 9th of May 2016.

This is indeed terrible, there was and there is still is no evidence whatsoever to prove that these men are homosexuals other than their said confession that they might have provided under duress or out of fear. And to consider that the suspects have not yet been convicted of any crime, so why release their names to the media? To be defamed?

NoStrings condemns these very actions and calls for an unbiased and careful look into this issue by concerned entities.

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    Gaga Diva 8 years

    Its stupid to arrest someone for their sexual preferrence. Nigeria is POOR why don’t the government focus on development than waste resources on Idiotic arrest. They can’t arrest serious peverts like Boko Haram but still hurt and humiliate people who just want to live their life’s free

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    Drew 7 years

    They prey on the weakest, and then boast about it ? Shame is upon them

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