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  1. Domingo A Torres
    Domingo A Torres at |

    I love you my Anonymous friend, we love you our Anonymous, God does love you too and I know that for a fact. Tony aka DJ Sunday Towers

  2. Jide Anthony
    Jide Anthony at |

    You are a light, and you will continue to shine bright, and will always help lighting up those they light are going down… Love from every one… We love you…

  3. affinity
    affinity at |

    Oh God am touches by the last paragraph we are unique in our o ways am gay a chronic one hw do I see you now to share my stories.

  4. Geemal andrea
    Geemal andrea at |

    Yes. We are unique. Evry gay guy has one uniqueness in them.. But the Nigerian we are today hate us so much. And i am a gay hidding under a deam light just to be safe from such intimacy from the homophobic. I love my self.. I will keep loving me for whom i am.. I have told God if he truly hates me for whom i am, he wouldn’t have created me. Then he should take my life. Living as a gay with HIV is a more pin on the neck. The scorn from friends and family …

  5. Marvel Green
    Marvel Green at |

    The Only Way I Can Be Free And Comfortable With My Life Is When Am Out Of This Country, I Grab Some Words Of Encouragement From The Post, Thanks For That, Just Pray That Someday I Will Finanly Be Out From This Country And Far Away From My Family, Bcause Am Not One Of Them, I Belong To Another Family Which Is The LGBT Family

  6. Emmy
    Emmy at |


  7. nelson
    nelson at |

    I think that is a brilliant idea.a place where u will be accepted for who you are.that is my dream too one day.

  8. Jackie
    Jackie at |

    I belong to the LGBT too

  9. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    Speechless. I believe in self love. Just be u nd love yourself for who you, the world will adjust.

  10. Gwen
    Gwen at |

    Am just so glad I found this site!
    Gay people in Nigeria are suffering!
    I know, coz am suffering and I have my own story too.
    I’d like a platform to share!

  11. fd
    fd at |

    kuaerere.wordpress.com – being a gay Nigerian is hard.


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