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  1. John Adewoye
    John Adewoye at |

    What a fate! So sad and disturbing. Not justifying child abuse, but was he killed because the boy was 17 or because the act was homosexual?

    I bet under age girls are given out in marriage with great celebration in the same Community.

    Was this a setup? What type of action were they involved in openly like animals? I bet no answer to any question; it was ignorance in action, it was religion or God or God’s children on rampage.

    1. Sharyon Cosey
      Sharyon Cosey at |

      I am shocked n saddened by such a barbaric act. How sad!

  2. Bethel onyedikachi
    Bethel onyedikachi at |

    My heart bleed what a world so many things worst than this is happening and no one care, love should be the ultimate in our daily life, am shattered why always us


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