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Gay pastor in Nigeria stripped naked by homophobes

A Nigerian gay pastor (name withheld) from Aguata Local Government Area in Anambra State, was stripped naked by homophobes because of his sexual orientation.

Blackmail, extortion, jungle justice, and public disgrace and humiliation are some of the experiences of gay people in Nigeria. Even though these are all crimes, perpetrators often enjoy impunity and the innocent victim is ridiculed and their rights abused because some people believe that homosexuals deserve to be punished for who they are.

A pastor from Anambra state is now a victim of jungle justice in Anambra State, because of his sexual orientation. 

The actual date and time of the incident have not yet been confirmed. However, NoStringsNG believes the incident happened recently.

Following the conversations in the video, it appeared that the pastor was outed by a member of his church.

He was stripped naked and made to sit on the floor by a group of men who were interrogating him about his sexual orientation. He admitted to them that he is gay and that members of his church are unaware of his sexual orientation.

A few seconds after, the group of men threw him a pack of condoms and asked what he uses it for, and he admitted that he uses it during sexual intercourse with men.

The ignorant homophobes who decided to take the law into their own hands showed the pastor no mercy. They kept slapping and abusing him and accused him of being a ritualist.

NoStringsNG cannot provide the full video as this will further humiliate the victim, and this is clearly against what we stand for.

However, we have provided screenshots from the video below with sensitive body parts covered.

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    Domingo Torres 5 years

    You know I really hate to get up in the morning and turn my computer on to read my emails and received this type of notice. It infuriates me to no end and may God forgive me, but if anyone done this to me or anyone in my family that was gay who did nothing criminal to deserve this, I would remember each and everyone of them and one by one I seek a way avenge what they did.

    As I have said before about this homophobic and anti-LGBT behavior, that more and more crimes will be committed instead reducing crime within the population. Are Nigerian so stupid or maybe these homophobic people are hiding who they really are inside?

    These types of tactics only serve to embarrass and humiliate the individual. However they do not serve to change their sexual orientation. It never has and it never will. This behavior comes out of the uneducated about the subject, or just the criminally minded.

    We here in the USA have many ordain gay ministers who have their gay and straight churches and members and I am one that had attended one for six years. Except for the fear and odd behavior of some of it members, of all the churches that I had ever attended it was the gay one that when I left the service I felt uplifted and enlightened from the word of God that they preached.

    The Nigerian people should have these men arrested and do the same to them in public and then incarcerate them for ten years. No one should be put through something like this because of their sexual orientation.

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    Sam 4 years

    In Africa, everyone looks up to Nigeria. Nigerians are at the forefront of all innovations, trends, etc. This subject has existed ever since man existed on the face of this earth! Why now that it is being legalized across the world, it is becoming such a controversial issue? Because of FEAR! The fear of what? Either you’re born this way, or you’re not! It is not a virus or a plague that everyone catches in the air of coming into contact (socially) together. Nigerians are highly emotional people. Just as those against, are sensationalizing the subject instead of creating a referendum; those involved, feel very strongly for it! Are the majority going to determine HOW they should feel as adults? Impossible! As long as they don’t resort to pedophilia & rape, allow them to be who they are. They are entitled to their own lives. No one should play God. Even Jesus said, “I did not come to Judge, but to Save”.

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