Nigerian transgender model Veso Golden Oke calls out Olajumoke Orisaguna for anti-gay threats

Nigerian-born transgender beauty queen and model Veso Golden Oke has called out bread-seller turned model Olajumoke Orisaguna for her homophobic comments and threats.

L: Olajumoke Orisaguna R: Veso Golden Oke

It can be recalled that Orisaguna in a recent video, condemned homosexuals and made anti-gay threats while acting surprised to have found out that there are actual homosexual Nigerians.

As a response to Orisaguna’s show of ignorance, Oke, posted a video, blasting the model and advised her to learn more about the LGBT community so as to educate herself.

However, in an earlier response to a tweet by NoStringsNG on Twitter, Orisaguna denied ever threatening LGBT persons.

Watch Oke’s video below.

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    Master Adrian 4 years

    When Irosaguna claims she did not say what is on proof, then she must explain the proof! That sounds perhaps cryptic, but when I see what she has said, and now she denying having said it, I think she is the one to explain what is wrong about the proof!
    Yes, one can say at t end of a statement that one is pro/acceptance and tolerance, but when one prior to that have stated that homosexual people are bad, and deserve bad things, then one calls in fact for actions against homosexual people! Calling for tolerance at the end of the same statement is hypocrite! When one has intelligence one knows that there always are dumb–asses who don´t listen to a call for tolerance but will go on a spray of intolerance, like harassment, murder, torture! irosaguna should have stayed with selling bread I think, that´s suppsoedly what she has intelligence for, not for anyhting else I think!

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