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  1. Justine
    Justine at |

    I believe everyone has his decision about homosexuality. Mike, you must not force everyone to buy your idea or accept homosexuality. I saw nothing wrong in what he said or anything homophobic about it. He said it based on his religious beliefs which you can’t change. And I like were he linked homosexuality to be negative to negative and positive to positive.

    I came out to deny the mindset borne by gays.

    Even in america not everyone support homosexuality, their was no mass voting as they did when the signed the law against polygamy and polyandry

  2. Justine
    Justine at |

    Okay…anyway let not crucify him.

    1. NoStringsNG
      NoStringsNG at |

      Nobody is crucifying anyone, we ask that his homophobic comments be withdrawn.

  3. Jusrine
    Jusrine at |

    Then homosexuals should stop asking him out. He voiced his intentions because you gays are always inquisitive about every guy put their in streets. I see no homophobic words. Just tell your fellow gays to mind their business.

    1. annoynous
      annoynous at |

      @Jusrine all the girls you ask out, those that are not interested, do they call you out?

  4. bryannnn
    bryannnn at |

    As humans we are all entitled to our own opinion, so is Francis Egwuatu… He wasn’t viciously homophobic, he was subtle and gave the usual “CLICHE” most hypocritical Nigerians run to. Its their safe haven, sinners all quote the bible when its most convinient for them….. Do not despise ppl coz they sin differently from u. Come to think of it, the speaker am sure is a fornicator, or even at worst a Gigolo, now those were equally condemned in the bible and when you obey a certain bibilical instruction and toss the other to the wind, HELL equally awaits you…….. So the end is to remain largely indifferent….

  5. Santr
    Santr at |

    I hate all Abrahamic religions. It’s the who have tainted the world with homophobia. Despicable barbaric religions is what they are.


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