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  1. Domingo Torres
    Domingo Torres at |

    I would not give this women any publicity here on my Facebook page, as I have said before it is the straight women who adamantly oppose gay people even as it is they as mothers who bare them.

    This person has no regard for the life of a human being who is gay. Her lack of education is a good example of the ignorance of people who are educated about the subject and as she is young she is targeting her age group about the subject which will cause more harm than good.

    She like some other Nigerian artists use their fame as a platform to gain more popularity like the preachers of churches do when they talk against gay people to gain more members. This is, but a very well known tactic to use or accuse the innocent and blame them to hide their own negative agenda.

    There are many uneducated people in Nigeria and Nigeria has been one of the most violent countries in the continent of Africa. It is easy for someone with popularity to influence the minds of the ignorant and cause undoes distress and harm to individuals who just do not fit the heterosexual life style.

    A great tolerance and compassion is needed, rather than divisive judgment and condemnation, which goes against forgiveness, caring and the love for another that Jesus Christ talk. This is the hidden agenda of the evil spirit of Moloch to use his advocates in continuing the blood sacrificing of human beings as it was in the ancient times of human sacrifices.

    Gay people are not a threat to anyone, except those who hate them out of pure hatred, which frankly is not instigated by gay people, but those people’s hidden evil worshiping agenda. The people of Nigeria have to wake up to these types of people who use the innocence of others to promotes their hatred and divide the love of one another.

    When this women’s fame falls, no one will buy her bread until she asks God to forgive for what she has done. Yes there are people who do go whoring and prostituting around and making money and at the same time putting their lives on the line, in being murder or catching some sexually harmful disease. However this is not exclusive to the gay people, but more so to the heterosexual community, from whom the gay people are a reflection of they.

  2. Master Adrian
    Master Adrian at |

    And that then was a short career in the international modelling business! Back to the gutters of Nigeria, were this creature belongs! isn’t there a way to sue this creature for slander and insult?

  3. Richmond
    Richmond at |

    Well its not her faults as noted she’s an illiterate, she’s sick and among the homophobics of our times. Madam people like you are worst than gays and lesbians, who knows if you are even 1 of them but because you don’t want your dirty mouth to sting u just had to speak idiot, moron


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