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  1. Sly
    Sly at |

    Fredrick should retrieve his line. The other line which is with them would be damage and every call and text that comes in through the line he would then be able to have access to it..
    Am sorry fredrick that you had to go through this, I could imagine how traumatized you would be. And make sure you block him on every social network you both been chatting on with that his not gonna be able to have access to you and if it’s you shutting down your Facebook account for time that will be good. Just keep praying that God should intervene. Be strong.

  2. nelson
    nelson at |

    hello dear.you have to block that line immediately. be strong. am a living witness. it has happened to me too.though it wasn’t easy for me. but I thank God cos those guys came back and apologized to me.one of them has been converted to gay though I still eat with long when am iam in their mist. be strong. remember we love you. don’t give up.there is still hope that awaits u.thanks

    1. John Adewoye
      John Adewoye at |

      Nelson, just a side bar. There is nothing like “converted to gay”. Every gay person is born that way.
      Secondly, What you guys experienced was the horror that we visit on each other due to frustrating social responses to our situation and internalized homophobia.

  3. David
    David at |

    Fredrick I hope by now you have retrieved your line and by that you can retrieve your messages. Also if you use a gmail account you can sycronize your contacts and other details so that you can retrieve them on any new device just by logging in to your gmail account…… I wish we could talk but I guess your experience will traumatize you for some time. Feel for you very much.

  4. Bakare
    Bakare at |

    This also happened to me… Although I paid off the police officers to get the matter to rest.. I blocked the guy on all social media, and dared him to produce evidence.. I was strong.. But I must tell you… The problem with us is that we were never our brother’s keeper as gay men in an homophobic society.. Before the Antigay law, we had gay men gaybashing other men because they felt distraught over snatching of their boyfriends or because of some petty jealousy… I advise everyone to at these trying times to stick to their old friends..


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