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    Same gender loving men seeking asylum have been welcomed to live in my home in Chicago, Illinois, USA. I’ve learned much about ways Nigerians think about LGBT people. Seems to me that Nigerians who support the “hate the gays” law were too quick to accept without questioning the messages of hate brought to Nigeria by white American Christian conservatives. This follows by hundreds of years the acceptance without questioning the motives of slave traders. The King James version of the Bible inaccurately translates the original Greek, Amharic and Hebrew language texts. Why was there no questioning the contradiction of the basic Bible message “God is Love “? Too much eagerness to allow white people to behave with a sense of entitlement is my answer. As a descendant of African-American slaves: I was taught at an early age to doubt and disbelieve what white people say….until You understand that their motives usually are the pursuit of money or power !!!


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