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    From abroad, they call US gay citizens Satanist, children of the evil one. We call the religious haters the same by what they do through their laws to even their closes relatives and children. Its easy to condemn another human being giving them a label name to disassociate one from their blood and family ties with them that are gay. How dare they. They have made their presence known to the world in many forceful ways that defy the humility of supposingly a Godly faith, who is more all about their ego and highhandedness and apartheid behavior. Don’t make Christianity a faith of hate, judgment and condemnation and an ideology of perfection that does not exist, but only in the minds of the deceived by them of delusional powers.

    The greatest man of all, the son of God Jesus Christ, has already shown us the ways of God’s love. What else can one need? These foreign countries are suddenly making all these anti-gay laws, but to only enhance their seat of power on account of the least of their citizens. Such display of machismo is actually of their cowardliness in giving them up as scapegoats, toward the threat of religious rebels.

    Gay people should already be tire of being the object of degradation and the object of being blame as one of the causes for the last days by religious organizations and their prophecies. Most are good human beings and many better than most straight people. They are good soldiers. They are good brothers to their sisters and good sisters to their brothers. They are good neighbors to the community of straight people. They are good sons and daughters to their fathers and mothers. Because of this hatred from religion many faithful souls have been driven away from God and Jesus Christ.

    They have only two choices. Be who they are sexually or not practice it at all. The later goes against how God made their bodily functions to perform. Sexual abstinence is not good for the male organs, nor for the female sexual organs. They were made to be used and as such they should be used therapeutically to keep them healthy and from malfunctioning, as they age. If religion thinks this is a bad things, than I believe that its source should be questioned, reexamined and reevaluated of its worthiness. No matter how one argues the ‘unnatural’ that point, they will remained unchanged, just as paraplegic will, but they will be good and usefully contributing human beings.

    Whatever is going on with the planet has nothing to do with gay people, but only coincidental as we are an extremely small minority compare to the masses of straight people in the entire planet, who are polluting our planet, with their evil ignorance and blaming it on gay people as if though it was they who were doing all these crazy things that straight people do, to compensate for their obsessive procreation apart from not having enough resources to accommodate every single life that is brought into this world and give each one a good life.

    Why does not religion depict the poverty they cause in their obsessive preaching to procreate as commanded by God. Have they who preach such things taken care of all the starvation that goes on in countries like Brazil, Peru, India, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Thailand, Indonesia in all countries. It is an abomination to see small clusters of abandon children scouring through trash landfills for food and things, while the filthy religious and government elitist, have yachts, Lear jets and mansions that do nothing, but just sit there as a possession and a symbol of their wealth.
    Here in the USA food from stores are thrown away if not sold on time. Furniture and vehicles are destroyed if they can not be sold. Profit is placed above human lives.
    I am not saying that all gay people are righteous and good, but stop blaming us for your mistakes, as we are one of those mistakes, which you offspring us into this world without our permission to be brought into this world. Truth Be Told


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