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7 things that you really NEED to know about gay people right now

Many people seem to think that gay people are all interested in the same things, but the reality is that, it’s completely untrue.

gay people

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Also, due to poor understanding and misinformation around lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and Queer [LGBTQ] issues, a lot of people do not know that a chunk of what they believe about gay people are just mere stereotypes. However, the good thing is that some of them have been addressed below.

  1. Gay people can be interested in football.
    In truth, they could have other reasons for being interested in that sport that’s not the conventional one that’s expected; it could be wanting to go and ogle the players to selling themselves to the other people in the viewing center, some are even excited just by being in the midst of the testosterone-driven viewers, but you get the drift. Not all gay men hate football or the idea of it.
  1. Gay people can be pretty disorganized, unkempt, and unhygienic amongst others.
    You think they are always prim and collected and neat? Mtcheew.
  1. Gay people are not interested in EVERY SINGLE PERSON WITH A PENIS.
    It’s really laughable when you see idiots covering their (most times nonexistent) behinds with the blood of Jesus. Including things that look like monkeys with bad surgical history, premature orangutans, everybody is covering their ass. I want to ask: as a straight man, are you attracted to all women?Gay men have the kind of men that trip them. You’re not everyone’s spec so please, get over yourself.
  1. Gay people can be fucking masculine.
    It’s so sad how society has likened effeminacy to homosexuality. How everyone sees the feminine man and automatically thinks of him as a homosexual. What’s even more baffling and utterly vexing is when they make the assumption that he must be the ‘woman’ in the relationship. I won’t even go into how this ideology is as wrong as it’s misleading.A very masculine man can be gay. That guy who is a gym instructor with his bulging biceps and flexing muscles can very well love the feel of a man as against that of a woman. The very flamboyant guy with the soft voice and dramatic demeanor may be interested in breasts and vagina. Stay woke.

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  1. Gay people aren’t all fabulous cooks.
    Where people got the idea that if you’re a gay man, you should have excellent culinary skills boggles my mind till date. It should be made clear that some gay men are about as good in the kitchen as they are with the society’s expectations of their sexual existence.
  2. Gay people aren’t all interested in sex.
    We have a lot of gay persons that either are not sexually active, celibate or haven’t done anything sexual since their inception.If you think sex and sexuality are mutually inclusive in this age and time, then you need a brain transplant. You can very well know your sexual orientation without having any sexual experience. I knew about my sexuality since I was eight (8), I had my first sex when I was 19.
    So please, do not look at the homosexual and the first thing that comes to your mind is two sweaty men in bed poking each other.

    They are not the promiscuous, immoral ones; your perversion shouldn’t be blamed on them.

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  1. A lot of gay people are married to some of your sisters, daughters, nieces; trapped in a loveless marriage borne from the need to please society (you).You think the homophobia you spout on a daily won’t backfire? Well, touché it does! Shey y’all will be pestering that neighbor you know might be gay to get married, that cousin of yours you know isn’t into women, your sons, your nephews, you’ll pressure them to adhere to the precepts of our so-called traditions, making them engage in nuptials that will only bring them sadness and dissatisfaction just to please your archaic selves and gratify the desires of your traditions? Well, guess who they are getting married to?

    So we will all suffer the consequences of your shallow-mindedness. He isn’t happy with her, and she won’t get the best she deserves out of him. Until we learn to leave gay men and women alone to live and thrive in their world, the wear and tear that’s inflicted on the LGBT will find its way into the hetero-community.

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    Jaypee 3 years

    This is great. Please I’d like to send a story to help expose some of the nuances attacking the peace of the LGBT community here. I’d appreciate if I could send the information

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    Akamba Simeon 2 years

    Our freedom is at hand 🌈🌈🌈🌈

  • comment-avatar
    Gregoryjephta 3 months

    Thank you so much …. Mostly Nigerians have this stereotypical ideology of such things.. I think it’s time to crate more awareness about the LGBTQ community…

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