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Hello Everyone,

It’s a new year, marking another beginning of hard work for us here at NoStrings.

Let’s start by introducing the project:

NoStrings Podcast is a Nigerian LGBTIQ Advocacy Media Project that uses journalistic approaches to capture, investigate and report issues concerning the Nigerian LGBTIQ Community, seeking to educate and inform the general public about the subject of homosexuality in Nigeria, thus, giving the community its own unique true voice.

We are therefore using this opportunity to seek for support for NoStrings, as it is never easy operating under the tight homophobic condition here in Nigeria, with very little and limited financial assistance coming from individuals who believe and support the project.

We are seeking support to be able to continue with the NoStrings project, we will need help with the following,

  • Website upgrade: (We will soon run out of bandwidth as our listenership base has increased)
  • Buy a new additional podcast Microphone: (this is needed for live in-house recordings)
  • Production Speakers/Headphones:  (This will be used to master sound during its final stages of mixing and mastering podcast episodes)
  • 12months Internet Data Subscription: (this will enable us continue to monitor our activities, upload episodes on our website and our other social media platforms)

We have estimated that $500 will take care of all the listed items above.

Whatever you can do, please do to help NoStrings continue to do more!!!

About the person behind NoStrings?

Mike Daemon is a Nigerian activist, with a passion in LGBTIQ rights activism, serving as the founder, host and the project coordinator for NoStrings, currently holding certifications in both journalism and broadcasting, with an extensive knowledge in the media.

For more information, please visit:

or email:

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