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    First of all God created in man and woman many erotic zones within their bodies so as to be able to enjoy the flesh as much as feeling the spirit within us. However, foremost one must educated one’s self on such things. As far as anal sex is concern in remote and uncivilized locations of the world, there might not have apparatuses such as to deuce or give one’s self enema with hot water rubber bottles or bottled enema mineral oil, to first thoroughly clean out the anal cavity of any fecal matter. One must never enter the anal cavity when there is fecal matter within it.

    One must use slippery lubricants inserted into the anal cavity first and applied to the introducing phallus. If this is the first time, one must not force enter, but slowly enter until the recipient feels less pain and comfortable. I have to admit, that just like virgins on their first time it hurts and one wants it out immediately to get rid of the pain. However there are numbing lubricants that can be used for those that agreed to go through with it.

    I heard say that after the initial pain is endured, the sexual pleasure is most enjoyable and mostly desirable, than the norm. This is something that one has to get use to doing with practice and never be forced to do it as it might cause a tare within the circumference of the anal cavity. Another thing that one has to notice is that there are people who have hemorrhoids, which are veins within the walls of the anal cavity, that become irritated through fecal matter constipation. This should be noted, as one can profusely bleed from one these if not taken in consideration.

    Religion and naturalist would argue against this and would say that God did not make that part of the body to be use in that way. However, we know through the Karma Sutra that body parts have many sexual functions and not just those that the simple minded would like one to believe. Everything in the flesh is located purposely to be used safely and enjoyably. What makes the recipient of initial anal sex be more receptive to the act is the positive and romantic emotional feelings attached to the relationship.

    In today’s world I would recommend everyone to initially use a condom and for the recipient not to let an over size in girth and length phallus enter if one has never done this before or if one bodily size is smaller than one’s sexual partner, period. This is my educated opinion as an elder.


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