“Why I Hate Homosexuals” Nigerian Man Says

why i hate homosexuals

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Nigeria is gradually becoming a breeding ground for homophobia, with the rise in homophobic attacks which normally goes unreported. The government is silent, law enforcement officers/agencies are making money off victims, the lack of correct available information provided to members of the Nigerian public, and religion preaching doom. With all these, Nigerian homosexuals are left almost helpless, abandoned, dumped and utterly rejected.

NoStrings with the hope of engaging members of the public, went on the street to document views and spoke briefly with a young Nigerian man who says “there is no place for homosexuals in Nigeria, even the human rights codes does not protect them” he proceeds further to say “and let’s not forget that there are limitations to these rights, and God condemns it”

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    Bob 7 years

    November 3, 2012 at 8:52am
    To my beautiful Gay Brothers and Sisters: James Dobson and Focus on the Family will never agree with you because this inaccurate and false information they spew is their bread and butter. If they did not have a populace to discriminate against, then their REVENUE would greatly shrink. The foundation to healthy living is to protect yourself against their shameful and untrue Evangelical beliefs, for they are dangerous and immoral. Always feel good about yourself my gay brothers and sisters, for I have the experience of internal hate and oppression like many that lasted for many years. I have survived the emotional turmoil that has shaped my entire life, many of our gay brothers and sisters sadly, have not. We must continue the education that being gay is not a learned behavior but a cherished gift from the source of life. Please remember, these religious sinners who are in charge of different faith-based organizations know NOTHING about God, only money and power and they will say, preach or do anything to have it.

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    Bob 7 years

    October 10, 2012 at 9:05am
    I would like to tell every single gay person and everyone in the United States and in the world, be STRONG! There is nothing wrong with you, it is them— The small minority of mis-informed people who are listening to powerful political bigots who want to keep their cash flow going by hate. They do this by mis-interpreting the True God of Love. These people are Focus on the Family, The Family Research Council and others. Please educate everyone you know always about these religious radicals. The True God is about love, compassion and helping others, not a hateful God that they should not be preaching to and about!

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