New publication Shows How Mainstream Nigerian Media Should Report LGBT Issues

A new publication made available by a Nigerian journalist has exposed the unprofessional and unethical approach adopted by the Nigerian mainstream media on the reportage of issues affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons.

The official publication cover

The new 104 page publication by Steve Aborisade titled “Tragedy of Misrepresenting and Under-Reporting Gender and Sexual Minorities in Nigeria” examined several media contents from over nine Nigerian mainstream media outlets and several online platforms.  

The publication revealed several accounts from these media outlets which were found to be laced with homophobia and serious sensationalism of which did not stand to accurately represent the realities of LGBT people particularly in Nigeria.

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The publication in overall showed how the Nigerian mainstream media has failed terribly in their rights to uphold the tenets and responsibilities of their very profession as gate keepers whose duties are supposed to be embedded in fairness and accuracy.

A section of the publication titled ‘Shrieks of Anguish: Emerging Culture of Victimization and Oppression of LGBT Nigerians captured side by side ten individual compelling stories of stigma, discrimination and rejection which very well represented the overall lived experiences of LGBT persons in Nigeria.

A picture from the publication depicting a horrible treatment given to a gay person in Nigeria.

As true with every human, the publication stressed clearly that LGBT persons have the right to fair; accurate and inclusive reporting of their life stories and concerns, and that all human rights violations carried out against any human being regardless of their sexual orientation is a crime.

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Projekthope the organization responsible for putting the publication together expects that the publication will contribute to the process of internal review towards enhancing professionalism within the media profession.

Projekthope is a not for profit organization committed to ensuring that the Nigerian press comes to terms with its evaluative role in defining and advancing progress in the Nigerian society.

Click here to download the publication. (513 downloads)

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