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  1. Walter
    Walter at |

    I can’t believe Liz Benson has lowered her standards so much as to be part of drivel like this. I had so much respect for her.

  2. OMG!!! It's HYPO
    OMG!!! It's HYPO at |

    #Radarada……Nxt pls

    BTW: Been a while oh

  3. Jamie 2.1
    Jamie 2.1 at |

    That was ugly!!! And without any scientific-tested basis too!!!

  4. Nike
    Nike at |

    We all know this is a very sensitive topic yea? but we must also remember that the Nigerian Constitution does not support homosexuality so therefore whether there is scientific proof or not it is Unacceptable. This movie on the other hand is trying to create awareness and shun the act in Nigeria.

  5. Vina adams
    Vina adams at |

    it obvious this actors are just daft. how can people like Liz Benson act such a misleading movie base on its interpretation?

  6. Emma
    Emma at |

    SMH. All for Jesus

  7. kaycee
    kaycee at |

    don’t blame kate henshaw or liz benson for anything…. they were only interpreting a role as an actress they are….to me, there’s nothing wrong in the movie cos they were only acting based on the script given to them….

    1. Francis
      Francis at |


      No be every script man dey collect act unless poverty and co is worrying person. If this was some movie endorsing the lynching of LGBT people would you still be saying they are just acting a role?!

      Movies have an impact on society on small, medium to large scale. You don’t just wake up act and go back to bed unbothered by the possible consequences of your actions


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