This Nigerian Book, Will Help You Understand Gender and Sexuality Better!

This book is designed to help journalists respond appropriately to the challenges of reporting the changing texture of community reaction to issues of gender and sexuality to reflect the growing necessity for tolerance on the part of the people, as it seeks greater understanding of the realities that those who identify as belonging to any of the broad group of lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender people (LGBT) continually face. The media has a vital role to play in forward marching the process of making our communities more inclusive and tolerant.

The guide is certain to help journalists avoid the pitfalls of language, emphasis and ignorance as they report about issues and on members of the community, and shows what impact inaccuracies or insensitivity may have on the people who bear the brunt of outcomes of reports. It provides a freeze of our changing world, highlights agenda for development on gender and sexuality and draw on examples of best practice from various media contexts about how best to deal with the most intimate and private aspects of people’s lives, which can be difficult to write about and discuss publicly in the context of cultural sensitivities and taboos surrounding sexuality. Importantly, it shows how the average LGBT person define himself/herself, how their context embrace or reject them, how they are shaped by the world they live in and how they have a space in our society.

This book does not only do all of the above, but will also answer some of the many confusing questions that you may be having about gender and sexuality, meaning that it could also serve as your own personal resource material for understanding your sexuality as an LGBT person.

steveThis book is written by Steve Aborisade who is also the executive director of Projekthope.

Projekthope is a nonprofit organization committed to ensuring that the Nigerian press comes to terms with its evaluative role in defining and advancing progress in the Nigerian society.

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