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  1. Jamie 2.1
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  2. Jide Anthony
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    I love this write up… Can wait to share it with my friends….

  3. Sexy slim
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    Wow i love this

  4. wondabuoy
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    I feel somehow when people write “am” in place of “I am” or “I’m”.

  5. Ally
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    If they had known beta and stop wit the institutionalized homophobia, lgbt people wouldn’t be made to conform but live and not just exist….. When would Africans learn, because the more the society lives in denial the more harmful and destabilizing homes become, I just want to live like everyone else’s, why make it hard? But regardless of social dynamics I wud fight for what I believe…….. Proud gay woman.

  6. Eusebius
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    I’m Gay and I love myself. Only God can Jude me now. Nice write up. That’s the very reason I won’t get married.

  7. chukwudebelu Peter
    chukwudebelu Peter at |

    u blocked me, am not angry.Aondo Ter Black who is now the loser ? that Bernard is a stupid guy. Thank you my dear


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